Electric Guitar Character: ERIC JOHNSON Wonderful Voice

Eric Johnson was born on August 17, 1954 in Austin, Texas, USA, which specializes in producing famous guitarists. He started to learn piano since he was five years old and started to touch guitar at the age of ten. After that, he was selected as the best electric guitarist in the hometown Austin Music Award for three consecutive years, and the best hollow guitar player in six years. And in the 1990 Guitar Player magazine annual reader vote, and another guitar master Steve Vai ranked as the best overall guitarist (Best Overall Guitarist). Also selected by Musician magazine as one of the 100 most influential guitarists of the twentieth century. In 1986 he launched his first solo album “Tones”, in which the single “Zap” was nominated for the Grammy Awards. In 1990, the second album “Ah Via Musicom” was released, which sold 800,000 copies worldwide. The single “Cliffs Of Dover” is the first song to enter the top five of Radio & Record magazine AOR with pure instrumental music, and won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Performance in ’92. After a long wait of six years, Eric finally launched his third big man, Venus Isle, last September (1996). The single “Pavilion” was also nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance this year. The reason why his music is fascinating, a large part of it is derived from his personal strong demand for sound. He can spend a few weeks trying to experiment with different combinations of different instruments for the ideal tone of a certain heart. Friends even joked that he can listen to the sound and know which brand of battery is installed in the single effect device you use. But don’t think that the unique sounds he has are piled up by expensive equipment. In

Eric Johnson’s favorite acoustic guitar – Martin D-45

Eric Johnson was born in 1954 in Austin, TEXAS, USA. Influenced by his father, he began to love music at the age of 3 and began to learn piano at the age of 5. At the age of 8, he revealed his musical talent and began to compose music. At the age of 10, he began to contact the guitar and formed a band with his companions. In China, Eric Johnson is well known in the G3, and its precise performance and rich pentatonic use have been emulated and worshipped by many guitar lovers. Eric Johnson’s favorite acoustic guitar is a Martin D-45 guitar. This Martin D45 guitar is very meaningful to Eric Johnson because it was given to him by his late father, Eric Johnson. In the early 1980s, the young Eric Johnson was not very wealthy. One time his apartment was stolen and some of Eric Johnson’s guitar was stolen. So in order to appease the young Eric Johnson, Eric Johnson’s father decided to give Eric Johnson a Martin D45 guitar as a gift to support and motivate him. According to an interview with Eric Johnson, we learned that the Martin D’45 guitar was made in 1980, the re-enactment of the pre-war Martin D45 guitar. This D-45 is not a retro Martin guitar, because the guitar’s sound beam is cut. Also, this guitar is not as inlaid as the current Martin D-45 fingerboard. The fingerboard mosaic of the Martin D45 guitar is a small snowflake look. Eric Johnson thinks this guitar has the right tone and is the coolest guitar. It was also Eric’s best acoustic guitar in the studio, and Eric Johnson used this guitar write a lot of songs.

Eric Johnson Music Equipment Secret

Eric Johnson’s guitar performance is the most exciting. The bright melody and tone of the singer will make the words “good” always appear directly. Coupled with his supple hair and fascinating face value, it is a princely existence. No matter what kind of picture is matched with Eric Johnson’s music, it can naturally exude a sense of nobility, so that some people watched the bandit farming background music on TV using his classic track “Manhattan”. As a guitar master, Eric Johnson is the reason why many people pick up the guitar, and his tone is also the object of many people’s imitation. It is more enjoyable to have such a sound. Come and see the equipment that the master who has been playing for dozens of years is using today. Eric Johnson often carries two signature Fender Stratocaster Thinlines with him, but he still uses the white Vintage most often. He only used the bridge pickup of this guitar, DiMarzio HS-2, which is the most iconic of the album “Ah Via Musicom”. In addition, Eric Johnson is also the most popular 1954 Fender Stratocaster, the classic “Cliffs of Dover” is recorded with this guitar, the use of the neck pickup. The redesigned Rosewood body and the Maple neck Vintage Reissue Telecaster will be used in some of the more country, bluegrass pieces. The Two Rock Traditional Clean head makes Eric Johnson’s Crunch sound, which can be switched between 100 watts and 50 watts, with the 4×12 30-watt Celestions. In order to have enough headroom for the unvoiced sound, Eric Johnson used a pair of 1966 Fender Twins to access a stereo Marshall cabinet. The four loudspeakers inside are responsible for two speaker box.  The lead voice Eric Johnson chose the 1969 Marshall Plexi Head , which is available in either 50-watt or 100-watt. Eric Johnson’s

The difference between North American “four major handmade” guitars and Martin guitars

The final choice of the acoustic guitar is still the best choice? The most painful thing in the guitar industry in the past two years was the death of Bill Collings, a master of North American handmade guitars. Because I had the privilege of playing the famous four major handmade pianos in North America and the famous martin guitar. (all are starting to target Martin) Today, I will simply talk to you about your personal opinion.  Huss&Dalton Huss&Dalton Personally, Huss’ voice is not very similar to Martin. Put aside work and talk about sounds. The feeling Huss gave me was crisp! Really very crisp! It’s a string sound that I like very much. Compared to Martin, the sound is warmer and more balanced than Martin’s rough. From the sounds and sweeps, I personally love Huss & Dalton. Santa Cruz At first I said that the four guitars are very different from the sound. Santa gave me the feeling of restraint and low-key. So the fat man in the studio fell in love with it. To be more meticulous, Santa’s tone bass is a bit of Martin’s shadow. But at the mid-high frequency, Santa’s slightly fat, slightly thicker tone began to show up slowly. Personally think that the sound of Santa is a very suitable for a taste of Solo. Focus on the two brands below. Let me talk about Bourgeois first. Bourgeois When I first played its OM guitar, it felt like I heard something different. The sound field of Bourgeois is very special. My feeling is that the sound field is large, and the sound field has a feeling of vast ocean. The tri-band is very uniform and full, and the bass is very solid. A 6-string root sound played for one afternoon, and the overall sound was more

Martin HD28 Review

It has been more than half a year since I started using the Martin HD28, and I love it more and more. Its voice gradually matured and it is worthy of Martin’s mainstream! For some friends who want to know and want to buy Martin HD-28 some reference. The following is introduced in terms of appearance and workmanship, materials and configuration, tone and expressiveness. 1, appearance and workmanship It can be said that the appearance of the Martin HD28 guitar  is very common from afar. If you are married, your wife’s financial control is very strict, you can use your own private money to buy HD28 back to say that it is a thousand dollars to buy, because his appearance is too ordinary, the layman can not see how much it is worth . But if you play it carefully, you will feel that it is not shoddy, and a large part is hand-carved. The overall weight is very light, which is one of the standards for a good guitar (good wood).The paint is smooth and very textured. Don’t underestimate the paint. It has a great protective effect on the guitar. It can isolate the harmful effects of moisture and air on the wood. Martin’s lacquer will be sprayed through N layers, and each layer will be sanded and then sprayed again. Let me talk about the feel of the neck. Many people are worried that Martin’s guitar feels bad, but if you ask someone who has a Martin guitar, they will tell you that Martin’s guitar feels good! In general, Martin’s neck is thick, the grip is very full, and the width is more appropriate. Like the Martin HD-28 guitar, this guitar has a C-shaped neck that suits most people’s habits. Of course, Martin’s neck type is also more, different widths, different shapes and so on. 2. Materials and configuration