How to oppose and defend a master thesis

welcome to this master thesis defense seminar at loons University’s Department of Sociology we’re going to show you today both how to defend your master thesis and how to act as an opponent within a thesis defense the example we’ll be using is Tolia jacks master thesis entitled nobody was dirty disrupting in conspicuous consumption and laundry routines normally the first word in the defense will go to the author who will have a chance to mention any omissions or printing errors that came out in the latest version of the text then we will hand it to our opponent henrietta s hould who will start with a summary of the thesis followed by specific questions then there will be a discussion that will go back and forth between the opponent and the author this is an example of a thesis defense conducted in the right way so I don’t have too much to add before we get started there’s a spelling error on page seven and another couple on 14 and 21 and a few of the page numbers dropped from my references but I’ve taken note of this and it will be updated in the final printed copy overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out and I’m really looking forward to hearing your questions and comments I’ve read your thesis and prepared my evaluation of it firstly I will shortly summarize the thesis then I’ll go through it and then I’ll give my feedback on the strengths and weaknesses then you will have the opportunity to respond to my comments and I’ll follow the structure of the thesis starting with aims methods discussion and conclusion and finally I’ll comment on the entire thesis and its applicability to sociological knowledge sounds fantastic you investigate why we

10 Psychics Online Tips You Need To Learn Now

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Rhetorical Analysis Score 9

okay so I am excited today to feature a student essay because this made a nine and this is by my student this year and I’m in the year 2016 27 2017 but my student this year but Varanasi Dube and one of my favorite memories of our own Ali is that she was consistently making aids to my class but she wasn’t satisfied with aids her thing was how can I make a nine and she came up and asked me that and I honestly didn’t feel like I could give her an adequate response because it’s really hard to explain what it takes to make it nine so that’s one thing I’ve been kind of working on this year what’s the difference between an eight and a nine how can you bump an eight to a nine so I did have a discussion with bar Nelly about that and magically it did work she started going to nines and she has consistently made nines she’s probably made more nines than any student I’ve ever taught so she’s consistently taken the aides to the nines which to me is a truly amazing thing so she’s a definitely a gifted thinker and writer that’s why I’m calling her a student expert and I would like to feature her essay today now you’ve already seen an eighth version of this which I wrote I want to show you what Baron Ollie did because I think a lot of you are going to be able to do this with the right kind of practice and some of you have already used extensively fours in your writing but the thing is even if something is an extended metaphor if it’s in that 1/8 it’s probably not really extended to any great lengths like

Avoid The Top 10 Hookup Mistakes

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Five Reasons Why People Like Psychic Reading Online

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