My Martin D-28 and Martin D-41, Indian rosewood VS Brazilian rosewood- My guitar collection plot

Since I started to learn guitar from my freshman year, I started my student life with the 17-yuan guitar. After graduating from college, I got a job and started to buy more than 100 yuan of Red Cotton guitar. I have always disliked the electric box and always liked the acoustic guitar. I think the electric box is just a kind of packaging for music. Any packaging is the destruction of the original sound! Of course, for business performances to earn money to make a living, can not talk about these reasons. For them, the guitar is just a tool for making money. Holding a wooden guitar, singing and singing, this is the music life. Concerts, people and people, to pursue the effect, I am afraid that if you do not plug in, it will be a bit difficult.

The first time I used a full-massive guitar, I was an unnamed American guitar bought upstairs in the Wangfujing Sports Store. The clerk said this, this is a famous American brand. Later I found the strap to be GIBSON, but the guitar is an unknown brand. This is an all massive guitar, because of my ignorance and laziness, the result is that without any maintenance, after many years it will be decisive, tragic and cracked. Years later, I began to know that the real famous brand is embarrassing. So I bought a Taylor’s BABY2 first. Martin’s small guitar quality is not very good, not as good as Taylor. Taylor’s GSMINI is also good. However, the big guitar or Martin feels better. I used to like the Martin D-15 guitar, and the warm colors of the mahogany look very special. However, in the end, I still received a Martin D-28 guitar, which should be regarded as Martin’s standard.

Martin D28’s tone, I personally feel that it is a very balanced type, a bit introverted, the sound is not very easy to jump, not as good as Taylor’s outward eruption, a little gentle, everyone’s taste. High-end guitars, like Taylor, fender, Gibson, etc., but it feels so good to be comparable to Martin on acoustic guitars. Both Taylor and Fender are biased towards the electric box. Gibson’s acoustic guitar is a bit messy, and the low-end Ai’s cloak is a bit of a parody and spoiler. It’s too thick and a bit of a fireworks woman’s taste. After many years of Martin D-28 guitar , I finally received an old Martin D41. Martin’s high-end guitar is naturally the 4 series. The Martin D 45 guitar is too expensive and belongs to the local tyrants. The psychological endurance of our fans is temporarily unaffordable. When the money is too much, I will say it again. The Martin D100 is even more elusive. However, my philosophy is that it cannot be purely collected. It doesn’t mean to take a guitar and put it up. To buy a guitar, just to play, be sure to play!

When I got the Martin D-41guitar , despite the guitar 20 years ago, a strong wood scent was still fascinating. In this way, you are conquered. I believe that many people will have a similar feeling when they start a guitar like the Martin D-41 guitar.

The headstock logo and knobs of the Martin 4 Series vary. It is said that when the wood is used, the drying time of the wood is different. The wood of the Martin D41 is stored for a long time, and the wood that is completely dry is theoretically less likely to be deformed.

Martin D28 guitar ebony fingerboard, small dot fret.  Beautiful Martin D-41 ebony fingerboard. The abalone inlay is very neat, delicate and pleasing to the eye.

I don’t know if I don’t compare. The 20-year-old spruce panel of the Martin D-41 reveals a long-lasting red color. The vertical stripes are obvious, and the horizontal stripes are like running water. The panel of the Martin D28 guitar looks pale. Is this the contrast between 15 and 40 years of wood? A guitar like Martin is said to be at least 3 years old to fully open. Because the wood is stored for different years, the Martin D-41 is much lighter than the D-28.

The Martin D-28 is a standard Indian rosewood back side panel that is dark and dark. Martin D41, obviously different, red, stripes are not the same. The brother of the music company said that this must be Brazilian rosewood. I checked the information and the Brazilian government stopped exporting Brazilian rosewood in 1992. My Martin D-41 was produced in 1992 and should be Brazilian Rosewood

I carefully compare, it is true that the wood of the two backboards is very different. Wood grain has an essential difference, not a long time can change. If Brazil stopped exporting Brazilian rosewood in 1992, the Martin factory still had a certain amount of inventory for several years. If you judge this, maybe Martin’s high-end models before 1995, is it possible to use Brazilian rosewood?

The contrast of the side panels is not very clear because of the light. But it can be seen that the wood grain is completely different. The stripes of the Martin D28 are even and slender, and the Martin D41 is coarse and uneven.

The Martin D41 guitar , 21 years ago, is an old guitar, and the logo inside the box is different from the new Martin D-41. Each new Martin has its own number. The old guitar, only a simple age number. The original guitar box also has a slight difference. I saw an English prompt in the box, saying that it is appropriate for the Martin D41 to use moderate or soft strings. According to the evaluation of the brothers of the piano, this old guitar is still pretty good, and it is good to play it.