Martin 00028H CUSTOM SHOP acoustic guitar review

If you ask: What is Martin’s most representative guitar type? Most people may say D type. Since the launch of the Martin D-28 guitar at the beginning of the last century, it has led the sales boom of D-type guitars for nearly a century, and it has been the mainstream in the market until now. However, I personally think that the type 000 guitar is the essence of Martin’s essence. The 00028H introduced today is the masterpiece of this model.

The history of the 000-type guitar dates back to 1902 and has been more than 100 years old, in order to follow the trend of the pursuit of the big body. In the 19th century, Martin’s mainstream model has always been a type 0 guitar, which is smaller than the current size. It has been developed until the end of the 19th century. The 00 model has become Martin’s mainstream model. Martin claims that the 00 guitar is “the best guitar of Martin.” “. What I have said so far is two centuries ago. By the beginning of the 20th century, the larger size of the 000 model appeared. With Martin’s decades of experience in producing Type 0 and Type 00, the birth of 000 was very mature.

Up to now, more than 100 years of history, the relatively big change has been the same as Martin’s other guitar types. The neck is connected by 12-fret and the body is connected to the body by 14-fret. (The model of all 12-fret products that are now produced is called VS, like the classical hollow head, such as Martin HD28VS guitar, Martin 00028VS guitar, etc.). Therefore, 000 is a product that has been continued from the roots of Martin. The blood flowing from the ancestors is the essence of the ancestors’ blood. Look at an early 000-28 photo. At that time, Martin basically grew like this.

  1. I like this kind of knob.
  2. The vintage series are all such snowflake fret inlays, like Martin HD-28V guitar etc.

3. The top has been very mottled, and the old one has become golden yellow.

Generally speaking, in addition to the decoration, it is basically the same. The main parts are exactly the same as the body size and the structure of the sound. A product of a musical instrument brand, in the history of more than 100 years, maintains a consistent structure and quality, and rarely makes changes during the period, which is extremely commendable, and also illustrates the classics of this model.

Let’s take a look at today’s protagonist, Martin 000-28H CUSTOM SHOP.

The difference between this guitar and the 000-28 that is currently produced is actually the same as the difference between the HD28 and the D28. The body has  bold herringbone and the decorative lines in the middle of the backboard are different. There is also the 00028H using STANDARD X BRACING SCALLOPED, the standard X-type cutting process. Martin 000-28H uses SITKA spruce as panel material, Indian rosewood is back side panel, integrated mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and piano code.

Originally Martin 00028 and Martin 00028H were mass production models, just like the Martin D-28 and Martin HD-28. However, it was discontinued at 00028h, so the products that were later produced were all customized by Martin CUSTOM SHOP. This guitar is like this today. It is no different in configuration from the previous production. But the guitar from CUSTOM SHOP has two very good points, one is material selection and the other is craft. CUSTOM SHOP has its own reserve wood, which is generally carefully selected.

Of course, it does not mean that all CS wood is better than mass production, or it depends on what level it is used. However, the guitar material can be said to be very beautiful, the whole body from the top to the back and sides, are very clean, uniform color, and have a beautiful wood grain. When the guitar was shipped, the CS production department said that he ”VERY GOOD LOOKING”.

Of course, the grade of wood is not just the appearance, the sound characteristics of the board is actually a more important factor. The overtones, clarity and richness of the wood are superior and are produced by Martin’s most experienced luthiers to ensure that the wood is fully utilized. The CUSTOM SHOP department is independent of the production line. The violin makers inside are all handled by Martin’s experienced people, which guarantees the maximum guarantee of the guitar production process. In the selection and matching of wood, the production of sound structure, the bonding of the body, etc., the luthiers use their rich experience and technology to create a perfect instrument. This 00028H CS is a good example.

Due to the different structure of the body, the model of the 000 model has a clear distinction in sound orientation compared to the D-type guitar. Its bass is not as thick as a D-type guitar, but it is very calm and full of graininess, providing strong support for the sound of the entire guitar. The high frequency is not like the D-type guitar. It looks thin and thin under the thick bass. Not outstanding enough. The mid-high frequency of the 00028H CS jumps very much, like a bell, and it is not the kind of tight and dry sound, but round and full. The overall tone is still the same as the Martin sound, as the piano is calm and powerful, but with better clarity and balance, which is also the characteristics of the 000 guitar.

Speaking of sound, I think that 000 is more versatile than D-type guitar. In the style of fingerstyle, 000 clearly dominates, more balanced tone and clarity, and the high frequency that jumps out makes him more competent for most melody. They are all fingering in the high-pitched voice. Playing at the same time is also very suitable, Martin’s 000 can do very well. There are a lot of artists who use Martin 000 as an accompaniment instrument, especially ERIC CLAPTON, the most preferred guitar for Martin 000. There are a lot of his signature guitars, such as MARTIN 00028-EC guitar, Martin 0000-42EC guitar, Martin 00045EC guitar.