Martin D28 Authentic 1941 Guitar Reviews

The Authentic series is the highest-end product produced by Martin. It is different from GE MARQUIS and so on. It is produced by CUSTOM SHOP. It is divided into Martin D28 Authentic 1931 and 1941. Why do Martin D28 have these two versions, because it is a product of two very representative eras, 1931 is the first year of Martin D28 guitar, it can be said that it is the first year of D-type guitar, so it should be launched to commemorate. Compared with the 1931 style, the style of 1941 has changed a lot, which is more in line with contemporary people’s requirements for guitar, so it is more representative and applicable. For example, in 1931, Martin also refers to the 12-fret connecting body, the neck is also very wide, the head is different from the present, and the model of 1941 is almost the same as the present. Then let’s introduce this Martin D28 Authentic 1941. Due to the new model and the extremely precious AUTHENTIC series, there are a lot of orders and the output is very small, which led me to book this guitar last year and wait until this year to get the guitar. I have forgotten this matter. Suddenly got it, I was overjoyed. This guitar is engraved according to a Martin D28 produced in 1941. The engraving of the AU series is different from that of GE/MARQUIS, and the degree of engraving can be said to be close to 100%. Of course, in addition to the Brazilian rosewood, only the Martin D45 AUTHENTIC used Brazilian rosewood. Replica such as GE/MARQUIS is to reproduce most of the essence of the time. But in general, this is a modern guitar, because many structural things are different from the current year, according to the current production method of the Martin Guitar Factory.

Eric Clapton’s five most classic guitars?

Fender, Gibson, Martin and other big-name guitar manufacturers have launched signature guitars for Eric Clapton, and the Eric Clapton Crossroads guitars launched in March this year can be said to be very historic. Because this is the first time that the three companies have jointly launched the Eric Clapton signature guitar at the same time. Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Collection brings together five different guitars, and their inspiration comes from the most important guitars in Clapton’s career. The Fender Custom Shop accurately engraved the 1956 Fender Stratocaster guitar called “Brownie”. Gibson launched the cherry red 1957 Gibson Les Paul, named “Lucy”, which also belongs to George Harrison. Martin has introduced three new guitars: the Martin 00028EC “Crossroad” Madagascar rosewood version and two Martim 000-45EC “Crossroad” guitars. The back and side panels of these two guitars are available in Madagascar rosewood or Brazilian rosewood. These five guitars are all limited production. Among them, “Brownie” Stratocaster and “Lucy” Les Paul are limited to 100 globally. The Martin 000-28EC is limited to 150 pieces, while the Madagascar rosewood side and back panel of the Martin 000-45EC guitar will be launched with 55 pieces, and the Brazilian rosewood side and back panel of the Martin 00045EC guitar will be launched. Eric Clapton is the most influential and popular user of Fener Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul and Martin 000 string flattop acoustic guitars. This is one of the reasons why the world’s three largest guitar companies have joined forces to support him. Respecting the career and contributions of Eric Clapton, these special guitars are meticulous in detail and craftsmanship, representing the best of Fender, Gibson and Martin in the near future.I believe that even if you don’t use Eric Clapton’s Custom Shop guitar, these guitars will satisfy any guitarist. Gibson Custom Harrison-Clapton “Lucy”Les Paul Price: $14,999 Few guitars have a pure “rock star lineage” like the 1957