Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth Playing?

here’s the Elder Scrolls online worth played well I’ve written a dramatic musical narrative here that if you were not convinced to play ESO beforehand give this a listen have you ever been outside and you’ve seen the universe revolving and said this is not the life for me well let me tell you that this game is is that what this is the wallet because you didn’t want life this is what you’re gonna want to do this is a case stop it stop the music I’m done I’ve got it Elder Scrolls online just hearing the name of that game can invoke a billion different feelings depending on the person for some it’s that other piece of trash she’s garbage cuz joe said so in 2014 or something like Elder Scrolls online deleting the development don’t flee out of scroll six therefore I we never play it regardless of any potential response that one may have today we’re here to talk about one thing is the Elder Scrolls online worth play well the thing about ESO is that it is one of the few games I know that did indeed have an absolutely brutal launch and completely ripped to shreds by the MMO Elder Scrolls in RPG fan bases but they didn’t give up and because they didn’t just give up ESO is turned into not only one of the most addictive game experiences I’ve ever played but also one that plays into the nostalgia factor in gaming now this isn’t just another video on should you play specifically in the year 2019 but rather is it just worth playing now what actually makes a game upwards plain I mean for some its endgame content to challenge them or a compelling storyline or just lots and lots of content ESO is somewhat unique in that regard when I first started playing ESO I had never before played an MMO just RPGs such as oblivion and Skyrim I heard about ESO s terrible reception and decided I’m not good at reading red flags let’s spend lots of money on a poorly reviewed game and so that’s exactly what I did there for entering an adventure that I would never forget Elder Scrolls online is truly one of the most well maintained properly worked on games that I’ve ever played I’ve met the devs of this game and it’s not just a job to them it’s an utter passion I mean when you talk to them their excitement for player experiences their drive and absolute dedication to this game is one that I have not seen from any other game company they know what their players want and then deliver absolutely mind-blowing content that never ceases to impress I feel like there’s always something that they’ve got planned some event DLC things that keep the world lively outside the realm of the regular base game to me this alone makes the game attractive and far more enjoyable but the real question is will you find it enjoyable can you even break into this game at the five-year point in time or will you be too heavily title waived by elitist Eugene you’re killing me yeah you are to blame yesterday and you aren’t Mack leveling everything done every trial became ambrosia dill and you haven’t achieved all of the achievements well with a pathetic casual chat LOL well it’s not to say that these Eugene’s don’t exist but I personally believe that ESO is one of the MMOs out there that you can join at anytime and just engage with it how you want to play I mean the game hasn’t even always about endgame stuff you’ve got so much actual genuine side quests tons of collectables locales to explore content that comes as you level up it can all seem so overwhelming and confusing at first but the more you focus on how you want to play the more the game just opens up two options you can join this game today for the first time never played an MMO in your life and enjoy it and not feel stressed or pressure but just because you can join it today and not be attacked by endgame uber nerds doesn’t answer the main question moving on does this game have decent questing and how much is there to do now I have dedicated a ton of my time mostly when I was dreaming at complete every single quest in every zone just to see how much there is to do this does not include dungeons or trials just the main region quest this could take anywhere from 50 if you rush it to 500 hours just to complete every little side quest in the region there is a lot out there you can practically play this game like Skyrim and be totally content with never dealing with anything else or anyone else on top of the ludicrous amounts of questing there are dungeons trials and arenas that add a more challenging and cooperative experience for those wanting to grind for gear sets or just completion and even these have an easy mode for newer players breaking into the scene or a veteran mode for those who want to have their Tarr beaten out of them at this point there are 36 dungeons in the game 8 trials including the new Sun spire and three arenas one of them being a totally solo insanity run of madness and chaos forcing you to spill buckets of Tears cried over one mechanic that is literally broken until you complete it and everything is rainbows and sunshine for quick info dungeons are four player group runs and trials are twelve player group runs now some of those dungeons leave a lot to be desired specifically the non DLC base game dungeons some of them feel quite copy and paste a rather dull but for the most part they’re still very fun to play through especially when you have quests to complete them and on that note daily repeatable quests there are way too many of these which is not such a bad thing for dungeons for major cities for crafting PvP the list goes on and on it’s actually kind of nice knowing that there’s always something to grind for always something more to do or obtain and daily still give valuable enough resources to complete them surprisingly now I set a word back there EVP all right can’t do it what could those letters possibly stand for practice vegetable personification parents vaccinate please close but no it stands for player versus player the experience that leads you straight into the most chaotic adventure of your life the PvP and ESO is actually pretty fun because of the way they designed it especially in massive groups in the open world Cassidy it requires factions to play together to really dominate to get stuff done most of the time there will be one-on-one fights with incredibly unfair odds because of how classes work but for the most parts each class can play very specifically and according to their wannabe playstyle ESO has both massive open world serie del witch’s castle C gene and dominated map locations to win the faction war as well as battlegrounds which is a 4 V 4 V 4 arena fight with several different game modes PvP offers a lot of great victory prizes and reasons to engage so much that most people live in Serie Dell they never even bother with PvE unless they need the gear my problem definitely comes with the server lag in FPS drops I mean if you don’t run lower graphics settings even on the beefiest of machines the game can really dip in performance moving on are there any professions I know it’s popular for MMOs to have very specific professions to excel in and I feel like this is where ESO falls a little short not in the case that it sucks just that there’s not a whole lot of class-based specific professions kind of like they have in Warcraft crafting is the one thing that you can dedicate an entire character to learning all of the different traits getting motifs to craft in different styles etc ESO has an absolutely fantastic system and there was a lot to do with it but there’s nothing like dwarves can mine or or something and the only thing that might be considered a race given trait is the passive that orcs have in inspiration game besides that any class in any race they all do the exact same profession equally alright let’s talk about the one thing that ESO heavily revolves around the combat yesö has a very complicated but very well done combat system and no it does not play like Skyrim at all there’s a lot that needs to be focused on when fighting things like were launching out of the way blocky countering gap closing purging there’s a lot more to this than one might say my only complaint with this is how long it can take to get to that point combat at the beginning of the game is quite lackluster it leaves a lot to be desired and getting to a point with really action-packed rotations feels like you can take a wide exploration is the next thing I want to pinpoint as that is what every other schools fans hards craves after well you will not be disappointed with ESO is open-world Elder Scrolls online features many many massive regions each with its own style of terrain vegetation scenery and landmass there are some larger regions as well as smaller ones but each brings a lot to how the game pans out as a whole whether that be hotspots for guilt Raiders dueling material farming gear grinding level grinding there’s so much crammed into these areas and even when you think that you’re in the middle of nowhere more than likely someone else is there with you I can’t do it if open-world exploration is your guilty pleasure you’re gonna have a good time I suppose classes and races should probably be addressed how in-depth are they to play in your adventure well I’d say quite a bit not a single class feels even relatively close to another they all have their own specific three skill trees incredibly unique abilities passes and play styles some doing better with magic other stamina typically there are certain races that are far better for specific classes but ESO really leaves it up to the player to decide and most of the time almost anything can work Elder Scrolls online also features a ton of guilds to join quest lines to partake in skill trees to level an extensive champion point system exploration a smorgasbord of cosmetics that make you automatically a better player the game just feels full I don’t know how else to put it there’s so much to grind for literal thousands of hours of content that just continues to expand with every DLC in chapter they release there is a consistent amount of events XP bonuses crazy balance changes just a lot of focus to continuously engage players both new and endgame but the final part I want to talk about here is not the end game because it’s not the destination the destination is waiting for you but it’s not going anywhere it disappoints me when I see new players immediately looking up grind from level 1 to 50 in two hours just because they’ll never get to experience this game in its true form Elder Scrolls online as much as an MMO as it is also has one of the best journeys you’ll ever find in a game often times people ask me if you could go back and replay ESO for the first time again would ya and the simple answer is now because this game has created so much nostalgia so many good memories and experiences I don’t want to trade that in if you’re a new player heading into this game for the first time enjoy it grinding and power leveling just ruins the memories that you could create with a game as good as this one it’s got its flaws and you’ll definitely get frustrated with it time to time but the experience you can create is unforgettable it’s a gem in the rough for sure and it’s had its fill of bad changes and a bad beginning but I’m telling you right now this game is not at all what it was at the beginning and if that’s what was holding you back it’s probably high time you gave it a second chance anyhoo it’s been a while since I’ve made a video talking about this game and I hope it clears up whether or not you want to take the plunge but always remember that if you want to have the ultimate Elvis throws online experience all you need to do [Music]

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